Because health is personal

HealthBalance Strategies takes a personal approach to wellness.

Powered by 80 years of performance

HealthBalance Strategies offers plan participants an industry-leading care management solution that's backed by 80 years of experience. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of GEHA, one of the largest health and dental benefits providers serving federal employees, we support the health care needs of more than 1.8 million individuals across the globe.

nurse advocate on phone with patient

What support looks like

Our nurse advocates are trained to focus on each individual member’s health story to promote behavioral strategies supported by evidence-based medicine. Their skill helps promote high participation levels. In fact, 43 percent of eligible members engage with our nurse advocates and care management.

"My nurse advocate is much easier to talk to than stodgy doctors. Her program is the only one that helped me decrease the amount of pain medication I am on."

Melody M., back pain patient

"My nurse advocate always listened to me and was genuinely concerned about what problems I was encountering. When she didn't have the answer, she’d find an expert who did. I relied on her phone calls for support, comfort and advice."

Melinda S., cancer patient

Let us show you how we can help

Your plan participants can live healthier lives – with the right help. Tell us about your organization and let us show you how we can fill the gaps in your health benefits.